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First Place Winner of the 2015
1st Annual Trail's End Cowboy Singing Contest
Missouri State Fairgrounds, Sedalia
Song of the Bandit (cover)

Song List:

  1. Song of the Bandit

  2. Continental Suit

  3. Lord, You Made the Cowboy Happy

  4. Runnin’ Gun

  5. Prodigal Son in F

  6. Master’s Call

  7. Mister Shorty

  8. Reincarnation

  9. Medley: Trail Herdin’ Cowboy
    When Payday Rolls Around

  10. Song of Wyoming

  11. El Paso

  12. The Lilies Grow High

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A Time to Fiddle

A Time to Fiddle Album Cover A Time to Fiddle Album Tray
  1. Billy in the Low Ground
  2. Roxanne Waltz
  3. Cotton Patch Rag
  4. Leather Britches
  5. Wednesday Night Waltz
  6. Clarinet Polka
  7. Tug Boat
  8. Tammy
  9. Black & White Rag
  10. Say Old Man,
    Can You Play the Fiddle?
  1. Ashokan Farewell
  2. Back Up and Push
  3. Reel Set
    Honeymoon Reel / Cooley’s Reel
  4. Ookpik Waltz
  5. Faded Love
  6. Jig Set
    My Darling Asleep / Apples in Winter
  7. Stardust Waltz
  8. Red Wing
  9. Be Thou My Vision
  10. That’s a Plenty

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On a voicemail message from Lance Link...

Hey Norm, this is Lance. We got a chance to listen to Hannah’s fiddlin’ CD, and you asked me to give you our thoughts or constructive criticism. We really don’t have any criticism… We were all stunned! We had no idea that your girl was playing at that level already. It’s fantastic! We enjoyed it. We like the variety… the Celtic medley is really good!

Well anyway, encourage her for us. She’s doing great! We’ll talk to you again sometime. Bye-bye.

A Special Word about Hannah... and the Farnum Family

In appreciation of your support of our family's medical & other related expenses,
we are pleased to send you Hannah's new instrumental album: A Time to Fiddle... Thank you!


Family Gospel Album


Click on Song Title to Hear Sample...

  1. God Send Us Men (Full cut)
Leaning... is our family's newest gospel album, completed just in time for our 2012 Texas Tour to the Rio Grande Valley. All the children are featured on some of our favorite sacred tunes.

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Folk Psalms CD Album


Companion Song Book


In the Holy Scriptures the book of Psalms was called "The Praises" and was regularly used as the liturgical hymn-book in the Temple services, much as today it is the foundation of many of the songs of the church. In all the Bible there is no other book like it, unless paradoxically it might be said that it is like all the others in that it contains the essence of all the Scriptures. Jesus Himself declared He was spoken of in the Psalms and that what was foretold there must be fulfilled (Luke 24:44). A number of the Psalms are fervent prayers of penitence; others are prayers for release from affliction or rescue from the enemy. Some are prayers of trust and assurance. More deal with instruction in matters of right and wrong or teach correct attitudes toward life. Psalms of thanksgiving for God's goodness and mercy make up a large portion of the book and Psalms of praise of God's glory and power and majesty are found among those praising His goodness.

Original concept and arrangements by the Farnum Family...

Norm ~ Banjo, Guitar & Vocals

Daniel ~ Bass & Vocals

Hannah ~ Fiddle & Vocals

Trish ~ Piano, Pennywhistle & Vocals

Benjamin ~ Mandolin

Nathaniel & Maggie ~ Vocals

We hope you will be blessed by our compilation and interpretation gleaned from the Psalter and a special collection of American, Irish and Scottish folk melodies... so we present our album...

Folk Psalms

Click on Song Title to Hear a Sample...



1. Psalm 23

Sweet Betsy from Pike

2. Psalm 24

The Streets of Laredo

3. Psalm 47

Star of the County Down

4. Psalm 51:9-15

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

5. Psalm 65:6-13

The Salley Garden

6. Psalm 67

The Yellow Rose of Texas

7. Psalm 91

Come Thou Fount

8. Psalm 94

The Risin’ of the Moon

9. Psalm 106:41-48

Auld Lang Syne

10. Psalm 107:23-32

Saturday Night at Sea and The Sailor’s Hornpipe

11. Psalm 119:9-16

The Water is Wide

12. Psalm 149

Roddy McCorley

Bonus Track

Jesus Loves Me

Click on Song Title above to Hear a Sample

Folk Psalms Album @ $10 each
Companion Song Book @ $10 each

Folk Psalms Album & Companion
Song Book @ $20 per set

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The Farnum Family: Folk Psalms

Folk Psalms reviewed with critical acclaim...
Psalms set to folk tunes offer musical enrichment
By ALLEN PALMERI / associate editor / The Pathway, January 25, p.17

"Folk Psalms" Product Review by Melissa Cummings
The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, March 2011

Folk Psalms Companion

Folk Psalms Cover

Song book is handsomely illustrated, containing 40 pages of information, and measures 8.5" by 11" for easy use on a music stand or piano.

We now feature a comprehensive 40-page Song Book to go with our Folk Psalms album featured above. It is an invaluable aid to learning the chords & words of the songs featured on our album, and offers much additional useful information for the music student & parents at home, or for the church Sunday School class & leaders.

Contents include...

  • Preface
  • What is a Psalm?
  • Lyrical Content
  • Rhyme and Meter
  • About the Farnums
  • Psalm 23
  • Psalm 24
  • Psalm 47
  • Psalm 51:9-15
  • Psalm 65:6-13
  • Psalm 67
  • Psalm 91
  • Psalm 94
  • Psalm 106
  • Psalm 107
  • Psalm 119
  • Psalm 149
  • Jesus Loves Me

We hope this publication will be a blessing to you & your family.

Folk Psalms Album @ $10 each
Companion Song Book @ $10 each

Folk Psalms Album & Companion
Song Book @ $20 per set

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March 2011

Folk Psalms CD
Folk Psalms Companion

Product review by Melissa Cummings
The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC

In the true spirit of Colossians 3:16, the Farnum family has sought to provide a new, fun, clever way for families to "let the word of Christ dwell in you richly." For their Folk Psalms CD, they selected 12 psalms from The Books of Psalms for Singing and set them to folk tunes (with few lyrical alterations). This CD is a truly effective means of hiding the Word of God in your heart.

The Farnum family band consists of two parents and six children, singing and playing for the edification and enjoyment of others while seeking to encourage others to join in. Banjo, piano, pennywhistle, bass, mandolin, and fiddle combine with their voices in this very professionally produced CD that is sure to get your children tapping their toes and singing along. Using traditional folk tunes from America, Ireland, and Scotland, the Farnums have taken metrical psalms and set them to zippy melodies. Some of the tunes are incredibly familiar, such as "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," "Auld Lang Syne," and "The Water Is Wide"; others are less so.

While the CD insert does not include lyrics, it does include Scripture references and tune names. For $25, you can purchase a set that includes the CD as well as the accompanying Folk Psalms Companion songbook, which is a reasonable price for such good quality products. The Companion is an excellent pairing with the CD, especially for an educational setting. Well bound and complete with lovely photography and charming illustrations, the text is easy to read in a fairly large font, and the 8.5 x 11-inch dimensions are perfect for standing well on a piano or music stand. This is a very practical, hands-on book that includes full lyrics and chord progressions (with the exception of the bonus track, "Jesus Loves Me"), tune names, a brief introduction to each psalm text, and a brief introduction to each melody's history. With simple explanations to aid in comprehension of different types of meters as well as references from Matthew Henry's Commentary, the Folk Psalms Companion is thorough and educational. You and your children will learn the definition of "psalm" using two Hebrew terms and two Greek terms, as well as learn the differences between Common Meter, Short Meter, and Long Meter.

It can feel odd to sing sacred psalms to a tune suitable for a barn dance, and it can be difficult to get the well-known lyrics out of your head and replace them with the psalm texts. But the beauty of folk music is that it is music for the people and of the people. Psalms, likewise, are songs for the people and of the people--the people of God. So the underlying principle makes them perfectly suited for one another. While this isn't generally my favorite style of music for singing along, I find this product to be well produced and a worthwhile investment--suitable for any age and competence level as well as any setting or group size. Whether used in the home for pure enjoyment, in Sunday school classes, or as part of a musical curriculum in a school setting, this music is useful for anyone.

The Old Schoolhouse
The Magazine for Homeschool Families


January 25th, 2011

Psalms set to folk tunes
offer musical enrichment

The Pathway, January 25, p.17
ALLEN PALMERI/associate editor

GALENA—Norm Farnum, patriarch of the Farnum Family Bluegrass/Gospel music group from Galena, has done the Body of Christ a great service with the release of “Folk Psalms” and a Companion songbook.

Using a Psalter of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of America, Farnum, his wife, Trish, and their six children have created an Ozark-hued rainbow of rhyme & meter that could be used to help bless Christians with more spiritual power. Listening to Norm on banjo, Trish on piano, Daniel on upright bass, Benjamin on mandolin, Hannah on fiddle, and even Maggie and Matthew as they all play their roles in making the arrangements work is refreshing. It is hoped that the uplifting of the pure Psalms, a dozen strong from Psalm 23 to Psalm 149, will be edifying and useful in Sunday Schools.

The Farnums mix in familiar tunes like “Auld Lang Syne” and “The Yellow Rose of Texas” even as they weave in a Holy Name of God, Yahweh, throughout much of their material. The melodies also show the Farnums’ comedic talents as one, Psalm 107, is a two-fold maritime jaunt.

The Farnums once again prove themselves to be skillful in their collective honoring of Yahweh through string and song. “Folk Psalms” stands tall as a clear manifestation of Colossians 3:16, which reads, “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.”

The Pathway

Some Additional Testimonies...

June 3rd, 2010

Dear Norm & Trish and Family,

Hi to all! We received your (Folk Psalms) CD today. We love it! You did a wonderful job. What a beautiful family you have... So glad we met you, and we love your music! Your children are beautiful & maybe we'll see you at the Bluegrass Festival in Cornell again. Thanks for sending the music CD. We love your music!

Lynn & Holly Strickland

Owen, Wisconsin

Hi Farnum Family,

I was in Norm's guitar class at the O'Flaherty's Irish Music Retreat last weekend (October 23-25, 2009), and while I was there I picked up copies of your CDs. When I looked at the back of the "Folk Psalms" CD, I wasn't sure I would like it as I could think of lots of very tacky ways of putting the Psalms and folk tunes together! But I have been working for the last 12 years on a different kind of musical project to help people learn the Psalms, so I was curious about what you had done. And I found it very enjoyable -- I've listened to it three times already! The arrangements are very well done, and your music complements the Psalms nicely. The RPCNA Psalter is modern enough to be easy to understand (unlike some of the ones from the 1600's, which are getting a little challenging for 21st century English speakers!), but the changes of syntax necessary for setting the words into verse, provides just enough of an "old-fashioned" sound that it fits really well with the folk melodies. I hope you'll consider doing some more of the Psalms in the future! I think the CD would be enjoyable to a lot of the families that I know, so I'll be directing some other folks to your site. Thank you so much for making the CD and sharing it with us!

Your sister in Christ,
Clare Cason


Brother, I listened to the CD all the way through immediately upon receiving it. It is thoroughly enjoyable and a blessing to hear the Scriptures sung to music. I highly recommend the CD and would encourage everyone to procure a copy for their pleasure and edification. It is also a real joy to know that the Farnum Family lives the gospel and desires that their family, ministry, and music be pleasing unto the Lord.

Pastor John Weaver

Freedom Baptist Church

Fitzgerald, Georgia

Hi Norm, Trish and All,

Congratulations on your new CD. Such a novel concept, and so beautifully executed! . . . Stay in touch and may God bless,

Gerald Block




Banjo Picker

 Tmat Pickin'

We have chosen to title this album Tomato Pickin’ in honor of Norm’s favorite garden treat and most requested song... Homegrown Tomatoes!

August, 2006! This is our first recording as “The Farnum Family”. What a blessing it has been to watch the children’s talents develop over the last few years and actually have an album to show the fruit of their labors!

We have so many friends & family that we wish to thank, however it is our wonderful savior, Jesus Christ, who has made it all possible. We thank Him for life, love, family, friends and this marvelous gift of music that adds so much joy to our lives.

A big “thank you” to the children’s grandparents for their love, support and help with instruments and lessons. We love you all!

Thanks to Jim, Teresa & Sterling for being the greatest “first-door” neighbors in the world and for introducing us to the song, “If You Believe.” We sure appreciated the babysitting you provided during several of the recording sessions!

Special thanks to Ricky Boen (Hannah’s fantastic fiddle teacher) for his patience and perseverance with our little “Missouri Mule.”

Thank you to the Boatrights, the Naylors, Maaziah Mountain, The 97th Regimental String Band, the Homestead Pickers and others whose music inspires the children (and Mom & Dad) to learn new songs.

To “Prince John” who so faithfully prayed for our family and our music ministry—God bless you, brother! And to all the dear ones near & far who encourage us with their love, prayers & friendship, our heartfelt thanks and a bushel of hugs!

And to Greg Bailey at Stone County Recording our greatest appreciation for making the studio experience as painless as possible for Daniel, Benjamin and Hannah. We applaud your many talents and “fun to be around” personality! We have many fond memories of the Bailey Farm...

And last, but certainly not least, to our precious blessings—Daniel, Benjamin, Hannah, Nathaniel, Maggie and Matthew—thanks for being such troopers during the whole recording process. God willing, we look forward to making music with you for many years to come.

Click on Song Title to Listen to Sample Clip...

1) Red Wing

2) Turkey in the Straw

3) When You & I Were Young, Maggie

4) Arkansas Traveler

5) Battle of New Orleans

Click on Song Title to Listen to Sample Clip...

6) Blackberry Blossom

7) Homegrown Tomatoes

8) An English Country Garden

9) My Grandfather’s Clock

10) If You Believe

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Come and Rejoice

Click on Song Title to Listen to Sample Clip...

1) Come and Rejoice

2) Eternal Wisdom Thee We Praise

3) All Through Our Lives

4) Leaning on the Everlasting Arms

5) We Trust in Our Shepherd

6) Cross Your Heart

Click on Song Title to Listen to Sample Clip...

7) O Worship the King

8) Dig Another Well

9) Let All Things Now Living

10) Standing on the Promises

11) I Know Who Holds Tomorrow

12) Jesus, Hold My Hand

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