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"Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord."

Colossians 3:16

Thank you for taking time to visit our website and get acquainted with our family, music and ministry. As Christ's servants, we take the Apostle Paul's advice in Colossians to heart. It is our prayer that our music, as well as our lives, reflect the love we have for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. As His servants, we are also yours.

It is our hope that the music we perform will be a blessing & encouragement to you. We strive to perform all our music with joy and thanksgiving, that we might be a blessing to you and your family or congregation. For a worship service or your next church sponsored special event, contact the Farnum Family.

We hope our music will be a blessing to all!

Norm & Trish

Daniel, Benjamin, Hannah, Nathaniel,

Maggie & Matthew

Banjo, Piano, Bass, Mandolin, Fiddle & Vocals
plus Tin Whistle, Harmonica & Guitar

June 6th, 2010

Dear Friends,

I want to recommend the Farnum Family to you. They sang for the Vinita Church of the Nazarene morning worship service (June 6th, 2010) and everyone gave glowing comments and remarks. More than one of our members stated, "That was as good as Branson."

I really must agree. The family is very talented, but the performance goes far beyond raw talent to a well rehearsed and well designed program. They have just the right balance of folk-instruments and traditional musical style, but in new and fresh arrangements. It was a worship service, not just a performance. The time passed quickly, and everyone was sad it was over.

We hope that the Farnum Family will have another tour through our area so we can have them again!

Pastor David Stevens

Church of the Nazarene

Vinita, Oklahoma

April 25th, 2010

Our congregations were blessed by the music ministry of the Farnum family. They present a sincere, Biblical based message in an engaging manner. The congregation enjoyed each member of the family and their unique talents. It is a blessing to experience a family ministering together.

Rev. Marilyn Christmore

United Methodist Churches

Murdock / Pretty Prairie, Kansas

Dec 27th, 2009

Dear Farnum Family,

We would like to thank you for coming to the Crane Presbyterian Church. Your musical message was enthusiastic and uplifting for our congregation. I believe your family has accomplished a rather unique goal. You provided something for everyone. The instruments were varied, the style of music constantly changing and, of course, the vocals were wonderful. God has blessed your family with amazing talent. Thank you for sharing with us!

Connie Web, Volunteer

Crane Presbyterian Church

Crane, Missouri

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Special Booking Information for Churches & Ministries:

Our family will be pleased to perform for a free will offering,

plus expenses (when necessary for lodging & mileage reimbursement).

We would be pleased to come to your church

or make our music available for your special community or family event.

Your referrals will help us share our music & broaden the scope of our ministry.

How can the Church make use of those of its members who have special musical talents?

A church cannot use what it has no use for. It is the *author's opinion that there needs to be a serious re-ordering of our thinking about the arts. Once we can again find a prominent place in our hearts for the development of art, music, poetry, etc. which glorifies God, then we will be in a better position to suggest what such development might look like, and where the specially talented members might fit in. Churches need to do serious work on developing community within each local body. If the people of God never get together on any other day than Sunday, there will be no room for the artists, poets, and musicians in her midst to use their gifts to bless Godís people. There are, however, creative ways that the musically minded of a church can exercise their gifts. One can visit a church member in the hospital, or shut-ins, etc. with an instrument and a song of praise, for example. Not all rewards wind up in oneís wallet! One could do house concerts. One could write a song especially for a sad friend. The Church would be wise to facilitate such things. Perhaps the elders could be in contact with the musicians to let them know when Mr. Jones was admitted to the hospital, and could you please go and sing?

To the Aspiring Artist:

The star-making machinery which bombards us on every side would have us believe that the successful musician is the one who plays 200 concerts a year and tours the globe, playing for sold-out venues wherever he goes. Donít believe it. The successful musician is the one who does what he does to the glory of God, and does the best possible job he can do. We mustnít set our eyes on the ends of the earth, because God wants us to use what He has given us to serve His people and His cause here and now.

Set the Church as primary in your efforts. Seek her good above all, because God loves His Church and has tied the future of the world to her performance. When she shines, the world is blessed; when she languishes, the world rots. Work to make her shine. Love her. Honor her. Submit to her. Try to resist the temptation to bypass her for the sake of your own gain. Use your gifts and abilities to further her work, and to bless her people.

*The two articles above are excerpts from the Music of Jamie Soles.

A Special Thank You...

We are sincerely thankful to those who keep our family and ministry endeavor in their prayers. We are also thankful for those who send occasional gifts of financial support to help us meet some of our daily needs. This helps supplement those times when our calendar is scarce and bookings are few Ė and allows our family greater time & flexibility for practice, and the focus of our efforts towards a more full-time directive sharing the Gospel of the Kingdom through music and ministry.

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